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Archaeologically and culturally remarkable - This alone is worth a flight to Australia from North America. I'm an archaeologist, so for better or worse I've become acclimated to working around amazing cultural resources, and I've recorded my fair share of rock art. This was unparalleled even by my standards. Johnny's tour is one of the most remarkable things I've ever been able to do. The gallery itself is truly remarkable and Johnny brings a cultural understanding to it that would be missing if you were to visit a petroglyph gallery on your own. He incorporates information about traditional foods and medicines, and is candid about the impacts of colonialism. Altogether -- sleeping under the stars and learning about the Magnificent Gallery, all in such an awe-inspiring environment -- I cannot recommend this highly enough. I respect Johnny all the more for his involvement with his community; it is clear he is very passionate about sharing and supporting his heritage. Honestly there ought to be a separate rating for those rare experiences which far surpass five stars and which you will never forget. Emily T, Seattle, Washington.


Rivals Kings Canyon and Kakadu! - Did a tour with Johnny, an instantly likeable bloke eager to please his guests.
His specially fitted out 4X4 truck is identifiable, roomy, comfortable & professional with cold drinks at the ready....just getting in we knew we were in for a adventure. This trip takes you away from the hotels, reef & rainforest synonymous with Cairns & Port Douglas.. it takes you to a piece of Australia's "Outback".
On the way you will find Johnny's knowledge & family links to the area unique; he shares interesting information about local industry, local history, geography & indigenous historical boundaries of country.
You maybe lucky enough as we were to spot crocodiles, cassowaries & even a group of rouge wild pigs on the journey.
You will know when you cross a boundary into Johnny's traditional country, as his excitement of announcing that fact & welcoming you onto his peoples land contagious. He regaled us with tale’s of his family links to the Gold Rush eras of the 1800's, his families brush with Bush Rangers & most importantly his almost timeless direct connection to this country & culture. He is clearly a scholar of his peoples language, bush knowledge, bush tucker & history....with a healthy dose of the entertaining likeable Australian larrikin thrown in.
On arrival at his camp in the afternoon after a last few km's of adventurous terrain. We exited the truck onto an escarpment that can only be described as WOW !! followed by a warm smile from Johnny.."Welcome to my Camp".
This location is best viewed on the company website or FB site as I am not a poet...I will only add it needs to be "felt to be truly appreciated as a spiritual location".
The accommodation is camping or "Glamping" with modern & comfortable tents & bedding, well separated from each other....there is a comfortable toileting area, adequate night lighting & hot water available, dinner is cooked in a camp oven with Johnny doubling up as camp chef..don't expect a soufflé but if your into a Aussie camp pot roast, fireside yarns & a whirl on the didgeridoo under the stars then you'll love it.
The next day after a full camp breakfast we walked the easy few hundred meters to the Rock Art location...Johnny calls out in his peoples language to ancestors of the past that we are approaching...then AMAZING !..the ancient artwork is as good as anything you will see in the Northern Territory.... Again Johnny recounts not only scientific research but his family & people's knowledge that dates thousands of years.
In short a fantastic spiritual experience & I feel honoured to have it shared with me. Hunting D, Sydney, Australia.


Not to be missed experience! We have seen rock art in the Kimberley, Kakadu, Blue Mountains and Carnarvon Gorge and we were still blown away by the quality and quantity we saw with Johnny. What made the trip though and what we particularly seeked out from this opportunity was someone to interpret the rock art so that we could gain an understanding of what we were viewing. Johnny was able to tell us all about Kuku-yalanji art and culture and answer the many questions we had.
We signed ourselves up (under Johnny's guidance) to a meet him in Laura and drive into the area in our own 4WD. Our 4WD experience is not great but Johnny gave us a bonus 4WD lesson as he expertly guided us down the road with a radio. We (and our car) made it in one piece and this became another highlight of our trip.
The final highlight of the trip was the hospitality of Johnny and his wife. They provided amazing bush accomodation and meals that far exceeded our expectations.
I thoroughly recommend this company and would encourage anyone to signup without hesitation to any of Jarramali's trips - you cannot get this experience anywhere else in the world! Andrea T.


A truly spiritual and ethereal cultural heritage site. A wilderness experience at one of Northern Australia's last frontiers. A place of renewal and rejuvenation for the soul. A truly spiritual and ethereal cultural heritage site invoking days of long gone. Access to the site by 4WD over the historic cobb & co Maytown coach-road will entertain and challenge even the most avid and experienced driver. Maria Lange, Townsville.


Completely and entirely awesome! I enjoyed every minute. The 4 wheel drive from Port Douglas to Johnny's remote camp was fun, fun, fun! The campsite was totally adequate and comfortable, even a deluxe toilet. The food was exceptional, we had home baked treats and camp oven food - delicious and plentiful, with various needs catered for abundantly.The setting was majestic, inspiring and peaceful. The walk along the escarpment filled me with a sense of deep connection with those who had gone before, their pride, their strength and their affinity with their culture. The rock art was "magnificent". it was indeed a wonder and privilege to experience it. Johnny played the tapping sticks and sang as we arrived which created an incredible sense of place. He made the art come alive with his knowledge and explanations. He later played the didgeridoo which delighted us all. As a lone, older traveller at all times i felt safe, respected and cared for. Johnny is a warm, friendly, obliging man who i found it easy to place my trust and confidence in. For me an unforgettable experience. Wendy Lyon, Geelong & Bellarine, Australia.


The Jarramali rock art tour was absolutely fantastic. The rugged landscape is magnificent, the Aboriginal art is magnificent and Johnny the tour guide was so passionate about his special place and showing it off to guests. Being able to camp above the gallery in one of North Queensland's natural penthouses is something that very few people get to experience. Thank you Johnny for a very memorable and unique experience. Every aspect of the tour was something special. People who respond to everything with the word "awesome" need to get up here and see what the word actually means. Geoff Winstanley, Townsville.


Authentic 5 star Jarramali experience - You won't find anything that come close to Johnny's hospitality. He made you feel like family and a VIP all at the same time. Where else do you get a dunny with spectacular views of sandstone escarpments and glam camping with your own chef. The hidden Jarramali Rock Art gallery is breathtaking and the intimacy of a small tour group made the trip that more special and allowed you to experience the peacefulness and spirit of country. I simply didn't want to leave. Serpil T.

Add this to your bucket list! What an amazing experience, an authentic Australia bush journey top one of the most beautiful places I have even been too, combined with a profound guided experience of a remote Aboriginal rock art that is seldom seen. We chose the overnight trip, meeting Johnny and his cousin Brayden at Mt Molloy we travelled through Laura onto the Mayfield Cobb & Co track, some expert 4WD work here. Through a cattle station camp then onto the site where we were very well looked after, great food and facilities they are building, we got to try out the brand new hot showers.The artwork itself is profound and magical and Johnny gave us great insight into the history and meaning of the work. Can't recommend highly enough. Gavin Fin, Canberra.


Most unbelievable experience with Johnny. This place will leave you numb (in a good way). Glen Hadden - LowRange film crew.


I was fortunate to visit a Quinkan rock art gallery with Western Yalanji man, Johnny Murison. His warm and sunny personality, his love of the magnificent Quinkan country, and his knowledge of the art of his ancestors made the trip an absolute highlight. I wholeheartedly recommend Johnny as a guide. Dr Brian Hawkins, Canberra.


Spectacular Scenery, Company and Experience! My family and I had the privilege of travelling with Johnny and his cousin Brayden out to Western Kuku-yalanji country. Everything about this trip was excellent. My thirst for knowledge was satisfied by Johnny's commentary and his willingness to answer all my questions. Johnny is generous and friendly with his sharing of his country, which is incredibly beautiful. I couldn't get enough of it! Our 12 and 8 year old kids LOVED the 4WD into the campsite. Such an adventure! The campsite has stunning views of the escarpment and surrounds. It is comfortable and clean with everything you would need including a shower!!! We had the option of sleeping in a tent or in swags. The kids chose swags as we had never done that before. It was wonderful to view the stars - and a couple of shooting stars - from your swag before falling asleep! You can see the milky way so clearly. The kids got a kick out of this too. Brayden helped our kids to make spears which we'll be taking home with us. The camp fire, didg, and food was wonderful. Johnny can certainly cook! We had already had a wonderful adventure before we even saw the rock art!!The rock art was incredible. Such a huge canvas with so many things to see and find. You could look at it for hours and continually see something new. The best rock art in one place I've seen. Kakadu Rock Art is awesome too, but this Quinkan Rock Art is amazing!!I hope to return one day to see different art around Western Yalanji. Although it's a long way time goes quickly and you don't notice the length of the journey. Thank you Johnny! We had a ball! Magner family, Sydney.


Thank you for sharing Jarramail Rock Art Tour with me. I was completely blown away by the entire experience. Firstly, the magnificent gallery is like nothing I have seen before and the history and stories behind the art is fascinating, I appreciate you sharing this with me. The 4WD experience was absolutely hilarious and exciting, I could not stop giggling, it was so much fun. Your vehicle is not a donkey, it is definitely a thoroughbred! As for dinner, I am speechless! That was the best camp roast I have ever tasted, cooked to perfection and delicious. The entire experience was out of this world, the camp is comfortable, welcoming and I didn’t want to leave. I could look at that view and the stars all day and night. Your passion for sharing your culture is inspiring and I know you will have every success in the future with all your ventures. I have been struggling to put the entire experience into words and then when I look at the words together I realise you have hit the targets for feelings during the entire experience - exciting, serene, captivating are a few words that come to mind.
Thank you again for sharing this with me. I look forward to promoting and spreading the word about Jarramali Rock Art Tours. Susan, Cairns.