Jarramali Cultural Tech Tours

Join Jarramali for an adventure of re-discovery and knowledge sharing on a tour supported by AI and Tech company - KJR.


What is a Jarramali Cultural Tech Tour?

Spread out over 1000's and 1000's of hectares, Quinkan Country is home to some of the most significant rock art galleries in the world.

So significant UNESCO regards the Quinkan Rock Art as one of the ten most significant bodies of rock art in the world!

However, what are the challenges of preserving and protecting these sacred rock-art sites?

Could modern technologies such as drone mapping facilitate the preservation of Indigenous culture, community, land, and art?

How could the vast expertise of tech visionaries be mobilised to start exploring solutions to these cultural and community challenges?

Implementing innovative ways to bring traditional knowledge into digital and tech spaces, a partnership between KJR and Jarramali we can tell the old stories in new ways. Want to make a powerful impact? Come and be apart of this unique project and cultural tour experience!


To book - email: jarramalirockarttours@gmail.com or contact us - 0402 805 821