About Us


Jarramali Rock Art Tours is a family owned and operated business, run by friendly and experienced Kuku-yalanji traditional owners.

UNESCO regards the Quinkan Rock Art as one of the ten most significant bodies of rock art in the world!
Our aim is to give international and domestic visitors an opportunity to experience our significant and amazing rock art sites which I believe is our national treasure, our crown jewels.
Tours will highlight our connection to the land – plants that were used traditionally for bush tucker and medicinal purposes. Trees that weapons were made from. The tour guide will give an enchanting narrative of our peoples ways and culture through the stories that are told through ancient rock art. This tour will take you to the best rock art galleries known for their quality and quantity in the Laura area. See the pick axe marks where the old timers forged the coach road and an old Cobb and Co staging post!

Jarramali Rock Art Tours are able to take groups and individuals to Quinkan Rock Art paintings and give interpretive comments on the Rock Art, Tree Carvings, Grindstones, Engravings, evidence of the oldest living culture on earth. This will result in a guaranteed incredible Aboriginal cultural tour experience. Spectacular Rock Art, magnificent sandstone escarpment views, enjoy the tranquility, This tour is a holistic tour of European, Chinese and Aboriginal History with a 4WD adventure and an awesome Cape York Adventure.







Logo Meaning:
Our logo is an animated version of a man with headdress and belt which is so typical of the Quinkan rock art throughout the Laura region. The circle represents the world to which the Kuku-yalanji people belong, live and survive.
Jarramali means thunder or thunderstorm. Thunder gets everyone’s attention. It doesn’t matter what everyone is doing they will pay attention. That’s how we want our business to be. Everyone stops and pays attention. Its loud, you heard it. There’s no mistaking it. It’s clear and definite.  We wanted a strong name to represent this company. The name Jarramali fits the bill.